Citing imSitu

Situation Recognition: Visual Semantic Role Labeling for Image Understanding
Mark Yatskar, Luke Zettlemoyer, Ali Farhadi; pdf bib

Works building on imSitu

If you use, expand or build upon imSitu data please email Mark Yatskar with a pdf and bib file to be added to the follow list of works extending imSitu. If you have a state-of-the-art system and would like us to host it on the demo page, please contact us.

Commonly Uncommon: Semantic Sparsity in Situation Recognition
Mark Yatskar, Vicente Ordonez, Luke Zettlemoyer, Ali Farhadi; pdf bib

Recurrent Models for Situation Recognition
Arun Mallya and Svetlana Lazebnik pdf

Zero-Shot Activity Recognition with Verb Attribute Induction
Rowan Zellers and Yejin Choi pdf

Men Also Like Shopping: Reducing Gender Bias Amplification using Corpus-level Constraints
Jieyu Zhao, Tianlu Wang, Mark Yatskar, Vicente Ordonez, Kai-Wei Chang pdf